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Content Strategy


This project is part of the University of Westminster's new Original Series. After initial research and conversations with stakeholders across the university, we identified that there was clear need for the development and creation of fresh original and thought-provoking content.

There were three clear content pillars that were the primary objectives for this social-first campaign.


Employability after graduation was one of the key themes we explored. We wanted to develop content that shows the variety of careers our alumni go into after graduation. This was an opportunity to create evergreen content, with an aim to social proof the university brand and influence prospective students’ decision on where to study.

We wanted to tell real stories about our graduates and help soon-to-be graduating students see the various paths they could take after graduation.


University of Westminster


Content Strategy
Social Creative
Project Management
Campaign Planning


Junior Designer 1x
Marketing Exec 2x
Videographer 1x
Video Editor 1x

My Role

As a content lead for this project, I worked on developing the series' strategy and approach. Aligning it to our existing offering and ensuring it's suitable for our audiences and channels.

I was also responsible for the planning and distribution of this content across digital channels, being on set and guiding participants through filming, scheduling content, and working with our video editor and wider team to ensure each episode is edited in a way that fits size and format of the most popular social platforms.


In a studio environment, we filmed a student talking to a graduate with both answering question cards, forming a light-hearted conversation.

We thought this is a more entertaining take on a traditional alumni interview. Most students were in the beginning of their professional journey and the graduates were already established professionals or entrepreneurs. The main aim was to capture a raw conversation and reveal both viewpoints rather than staging the interviews.


The main idea behind the set was to create an unstripped and natural atmosphere. Even though we filmed in a controlled environment, we wanted the natural conversation style to be reflected visually through the set. Quite a minimalistic look with a key focus on the conversation.


The first season of this series consisted of six 5-10min episodes each focused on a different subject and industry. These were planned to be released on a bi-weekly basis on YouTube and later repurposed across all other social channels.


All full episodes were published on YouTube and optimised for the platform.

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