Open Days

Paid Social Strategy


This project was developed with an aim to promote University of Westminster's Open Days for the 2019-2020 academic year. It was a paid social campaign which ran for four months and was distributed across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in multiple formats.


The main objective of this campaign was to raise awareness of the University's Open Days during the September - December period, as well as complement any other form of digital advertising.

From a consumer point of view, our main goal was to keep the university brand at the forefront of minds and consistently remind targeted audiences about the Open Day events.


University of Westminster


Content Creation
Content Strategy
Campaign Planning


Social Exec 1x
Marketing Exec 1x

My Role

I was responsible for the planning and delivery of this campaign. Working on top line paid social strategy alongside our agency as well as producing the creative in multiple formats.


  • 10% increase in Open Day bookings from social channels.
  • Generated over 5m impressions across digital platforms.
  • 90k video views with a retention rate of 45% on YouTube.
  • 180k video views across FB and Instagram with a retention rate of 55%.


On average 16-20 year olds scroll the length of a football pitch on Instagram and TikTok every day and competing for their attention on social media is tough. We focused on creating fresh and vibrant new video content, the backbone of which was emotive footage and messaging. Telling a story through a series of fast paced shots culminating with the brand's main CTA.

We wanted to test this approach and consistently optimise based on ad performance throughout the duration of the campaign.

Main Promo Video

This is the campaign film that was launched across the university's paid and organic channels.

Content Formats

We chose sections from the main promo film to create multiple social assets in different formats for promotion across social channels.


  • Generated 10% increase in Open Day bookings through social platforms.
  • Generated more than 5m impressions across all platforms.
  • 90k video views through In-Stream YouTube ads with a retention rate of 45%.
  • 180k video views from Facebook / Instagram with an average retention rate of 55%.

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