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This is a passion project that I set out to complete in 7 days. As a sports fan and a designer, I have always been interested in Premier League teams' approach to social media and in particular the effect visual templates have on fan emotion and reaction.

During the 20-21 season, I looked at all 20 Premier League clubs and the way each team approaches the posting of content across social channels. One team had significantly lower fan engagement on their social posts in comparison to all other teams.


I identified that Fulham's visual identity did not reflect the high intensity and attitude of professional athletes. It was somehow monotonic and flat in comparison to all other examples I looked at. I also believed this played a role in the drop of social engagement.

I wanted to refresh their current brand and present a new bold and vibrant solution. Something edgy, inspiring and competitive driven to reflect the attitude of fans and athletes. A new look that keeps you on the ‘edge of your seat’ but also bridges the gap between the club's website and social channels.


Fulham FC (passion project)


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Personal project

My Role

Before starting work on the solution for this challenge, I focused on a thorough review of Fulham's current visual identity, their brand across both OOH and digital as well as an analysis of the competition.

I decided to develop the new identity for this project solely in Figma and create two sets of templates. One to be used across social for when the team plays Home games and another for Away fixtures. This included the use of two different colour palettes with an overall consistent style running through both.

Design Approach

My main aim was to elevate the current design and add more depth to the style of Fulham's current social templates. I did this through adding additional patterns and elements to the designs. I also created reusable components that could be used to present data, information and statistics in a consistent way.

Templates Before Refresh

Below, you can see a few examples of the templates that Fulham FC used across their social channels for the 20-21 Premier League season. These were used as a starting point for my designs.


I adapted a multiplatform approach with developing creative for use across different platforms.

Home and Away

I developed the visual templates to match the style and colour palette of Fulham’s home and away kit. Ensuring consistency between the brand’s matchday experience and digital presentation.

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